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Home of the Dragon Episode 8 launched one other time bounce, six years to be actual. King Viserys now seems to be undead, Rhaenyra and Daemon are fortunately married with infants, and Alicent and the Hightowers have made their mark on King’s Touchdown, introducing faith in a giant approach.

However that remaining scene was the large trick: King Viserys inadvertently discussing the essential Targaryen household secret, with the fallacious individual. Let’s break down what that might imply within the spoiler-filled part under.

Warning: spoilers forward.

What precisely is the prophecy?

all the way in which again episode 1, King Viserys passes on to his daughter, Princess Rhaenyra, a household secret: a doomsday prophecy that speaks of the tip of mankind. Let’s analyze what Viserys says:

“Our histories… inform us that Aegon appeared throughout the Blackwater from Dragonstone and noticed a wealthy land ripe for seize. However ambition alone was not what drove him to conquest. It was a dream. And such As Daenys foresaw the tip of Valyria, so Aegon foresaw the tip of the world of males.”

Aegon refers to Aegon the Conqueror, the primary Lord of the Seven Kingdoms in Westeros. He was the founding father of the ruling dynasty of the Targaryens in Westeros however, as his prophecy reveals, he additionally needed to unify the land towards a typical enemy. His prophecy shouldn’t be dismissed, as a result of earlier than him a Targaryen, Daenys the Dreamer, had an accurate prophetic dream of Valyria’s destruction by hearth. Twelve years later, Valyria, the capital of the Valyrian Freehold, a terrific civilization in Essos dominated by dragonriders, was destroyed by an inexplicable cataclysm.

Viserys advised Rhaenyra:

“It should start with a horrible winter that may blow from the far north. Aegon noticed utter darkness driving on these winds. And no matter dwells inside it’s going to destroy the world of the residing. When this Nice Winter comes, Rhaenyra, all of Westeros should stand. towards him. And if the world of males is to outlive, a Targaryen should sit on the Iron Throne. A king or queen, robust sufficient to unite the realm towards chilly and darkish. Aegon known as his dream “The Music of Ice. and Hearth.'”

As we noticed in Sport of Thrones, this prophecy of a horrible winter comes true. An undead military of White Walkers threatens to deliver a Lengthy Evening to Westeros. It’s the responsibility of each Targaryen king (or queen) to move on the key prophecy to his inheritor in order that someday all males might unite to battle “chilly and darkness.”

“This secret…has been handed from king to inheritor for the reason that time of Aegon. Now you could promise to hold it…and shield it.”

Alicent and Rhaenyra holding hands in a large hall

Alicent and Rhaenyra’s friendship appears to be briefly enhancing.


What does Rhaenyra ask Viserys in episode 8?

Twenty years later (for the reason that occasions of Home of the Dragon, episode 1), rather a lot has occurred. Rhaenyra has a litter of kids and a brand new husband in Daemon, her uncle. She visits her father, Viserys, one evening, realizing that he’ll most likely die quickly, to make clear the that means behind her mysterious household secret earlier than it’s too late.

“‘The Music of Ice and Hearth’. Do you suppose it is true?”

“Aegon’s Dream”.

“You advised me it was our responsibility to carry the dominion collectively towards a typical enemy. By naming me inheritor, you divided the dominion.”

Viserys is so beside himself, excessive on numbing poppy milk, that he cannot reply whether or not he believes Aegon’s prophecy, A Music of Ice and Hearth, will come true.

What does King Viserys say to Alicent?

As an alternative, the next evening, Viserys inadvertently provides his spouse Alicent his opinion on Aegon’s prophecy.

In a haze, on his deathbed, Viserys begins by apologizing. “Sorry Sorry.” Presumably that is an apology for forcing Rhaenyra, whom he believes he’s speaking to, to tackle every little thing that changing into the Targaryen inheritor entails, together with the household secret.

“However you needed to know…if I feel it is true.”

Alicent, after all, has no thought what Viserys is speaking about. Viserys proceeds to inadvertently alert her to the concept of ​​a “Prince Who Was Promised”.


“Our son?” asks Alicent, referring to her and Viserys’s firstborn, Prince Aegon, who raped a younger servant in episode 8.

Viserys shakes his head; after all he’s referring to Aegon the Conqueror. “His Dream of him. The Music of Ice and Fi-It is true. What he noticed within the North. The Prince That Was Promised.”

Alicent nonetheless believes that Viserys is speaking about his son Aegon, not Jon Snow aka different Aegon Targaryens.

“The Prince,” Viserys continues. “To unite the dominion towards the chilly… and the darkish. It’s you. You’re the chosen one. You need to do that.”

What is going to Alicent do with the prophecy?

From Alicent’s perspective, it actually seems that Viserys is asking her, his spouse, to make sure that their firstborn, Prince Aegon, inherits the Iron Throne, over the named heiress, Princess Rhaenyra. Evidently Viserys is telling Alicent that she is “the one” to verify this occurs, that the “Prince That Was Promised” comes from her line.

After all, this isn’t the case: Viserys thought he was speaking to Rhaenyra. That is clearly going to drive one other huge wedge between Alicent and Rhaenyra, which is gloomy provided that their friendship appeared to be on the mend because of the king’s inspiring speech on the elegant reunion dinner. Rhaenyra raises a toast to Alicent, thanking her for all the time being by her father’s facet. Alicent is seemingly real in declaring that Rhaenyra will someday be a very good queen, implying that she isn’t going to battle Rhaenyra’s declare as her inheritor.

However after listening to a part of the prophecy, Alicent is more likely to change her thoughts and declare the throne by her eldest son, Aegon. In episode 6Alicent warns Aegon that someday he should battle Rhaenyra for the throne.

The factor is, Rhaenyra and Daemon even have a son named Aegon, their firstborn, a child launched in episode 8. The 2 Aegons might be at one another’s throats. What episode 7 confirmed, Alicent is keen to show violent if it means defending her kids.

How does the catspaw dagger join?

In episode 1, you might have observed Viserys absentmindedly fingering an ornate dagger on his belt whereas telling Rhaenyra concerning the prophecy. This dagger seems once more in episode 8, subsequent to Viserys’s deathbed when he speaks of the prophecy as soon as once more.

Viserys explains the origins of the dagger in episode 4. He tells Rhaenyra that the dagger “as soon as belonged to Aegon the Conqueror. Earlier than that it belonged to Aenar. And earlier than that…it is onerous to inform.” The whole lot is related! Aenar Targaryen was the daddy of Daenys the Dreamer, whom she satisfied to depart the Valyrian Freehold after having an accurate prophetic dream concerning the Curse of Valyria.

Someplace alongside the way in which, this particular dagger landed in Aegon’s equally fateful fingers. The dagger is made from Valyrian metal, one of many few recognized substances that may kill White Walkers. He performs an important position in making Aegon’s want to forestall the tip of males come true.

In Sport of Thrones, the dagger was first utilized in an assassination try on Bran Stark (an murderer is called a “catspaw”). Within the remaining season, Arya kills the Evening King utilizing Aegon’s dagger, stopping the undead from “wiping out the world”, as Bran explains in season 7 of the Evening King’s motivations.

Who’s the prince that was promised?

In episode 4 from Home of the Dragon, Viserys says that, earlier than Aegon’s loss of life, the final of Valyria’s pyromancers hid “his track” in metal. Rhaenyra reads the inscription, seen when the blade is heated with hearth: “From my blood comes the Prince that was promised and his will shall be the Music of Ice and Hearth.”

As we discover out in Sport of Thrones, the Prince that was promised is Jon Snow. Jon’s true title and royal lineage (his mother and father are Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen) are hidden to guard him from those that search to annihilate all Targaryens. Jon helps fulfill Aegon the Conquerer’s dream by making an alliance with Daenerys Targaryen towards the White Walkers. Jon turns into a dragon rider and helps defeat the Evening King on the Battle of Winterfell, and the White Walkers are extinguished ceaselessly.

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‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 8: King Viserys’ Prophecy Scenes Explained

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