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I am a giant fan of serving to college students use STRATEGIES when approaching math as a substitute of mindlessly following the steps of an algorithm. Personally, I not often observe the order of operations when simplifying a mathematical expression. Having quantity sense implies that you take a look at the mathematics process and THINK about it and discover methods to interrupt aside and regroup extra effectively when it may be accomplished. Nonetheless, I’ve by no means accomplished this with fractions.

decaying numbers

19 + 23

The usual algorithm requires transport.

Including 19 and 23 utilizing the usual algorithm is certainly slower. when i see this downside i wish to add one and subtract one.

20 + 22

I used to be capable of EASILY do that transformation in my head. The ensuing expression is considerably simpler so as to add than the primary expression.

What about fractions?

However what about viewing fractions this fashion? I noticed this tweet from Jennifer Bay-Williams with an instance of a scholar including blended fractions. I had an epiphany: How did I by no means consider doing this? It is virtually like I would like permission to rethink how I method fractions.

pondering first

The problem of instructing college students simply the usual algorithm… and cringing if they do not do it precisely as we present them… is that college students aren’t being requested to suppose. They’re requested to REMEMBER.

[Tweet]The primary method to a math downside needs to be to THINK about it. Do not compete with a calculator. [/tweet]

Add 3 and four fifths to five and three fifths.  Rearrange the 3 and 5 plus the fractions.  Rewrite 3 fifths and a fifth plus two fifths.  Group the four fifths plus the fifth to make an integer 1. The result is 9 and two fifths

Fractions are half of an entire. How do I get an entire?

Utilizing the commutative property I can organize fractions and complete numbers individually. THINKING about fractions I can ask, “how do I make an entire?” This helps me take into consideration the idea of fractions and never simply the steps.

Generally the usual algorithm is quicker and generally it’s not. College students must cease and THINK concerning the math issues earlier than diving into the algorithm. Serving to them turn into extra versatile with numbers and making use of methods the place applicable will assist them turn into extra assured and proficient in math.

Grabable math board

To create the pattern math issues, I used the Graspable Math Board.

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decompose fractions

As a substitute of diving into the steps of including fractions, have college students see how they will divide the fractions to make it simpler to sort out the mathematics downside. Have college students decompose fractions as one other method to consider numbers.

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Students Should Decompose Fractions – Teacher Tech

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